Project in Progress – Compliance Assurance

Our project’s Compliance Plan covers all aspects of compliance from the start of construction through closeout and consists of the following components:

  • Weekly SWPPP compliance inspections (by qualified, certified, third-party inspectors) on the 7-day cycle offered under TPDES regulations. All of our inspectors are CESSWI certified to be in compliance with TPDES, TCEQ, SAWS, or city regulations.
  • Ensure that the findings of compliance inspections are filed on the job site SWPPP record keeping system and issue resolution discussed with the Project Superintendent.
  • Ensure that the job site SWPPP is amended as necessary to reflect ongoing changes and alterations as construction progresses to meet TPDES ‘living document’ requirements.
  • Ensure that communication between Inspection personnel and the job site Superintendent and Project Manager is both continuous and effective, with regard to compliance status and action items as they arise.
  • Site Inspections are documented to record both successes and areas that need attention — and the documentation is available electronically to the project management team, on request.
  • TPDES compliance-related issues are monitored by our experienced Inspection Services team, and reliable advice is offered as issues develop.
  • Our team is on-call to provide support and mediation in conversations with regulatory enforcement personnel, or in other situations where our expertise is required.
  • Ensure that the TCEQ Notice Of Termination is filed in a timely manner after final stabilization has been achieved on Phase 1 sites.
  • Ensure that required notifications to local authorities are made on a timely basis when final stabilization is reached.

For LEED® Projects

  • Digital photo documentation is provided as required during and upon completion of the project.
  • We can assist with the selection of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for these sites which will include whenever possible, the use of BMP products and systems that are manufactured from recycled products, offer to recycle of waste byproducts, or utilize reclaimed materials. For example, recommended concrete washout systems for LEED® sites will not only provide recycling of all concrete waste and hazardous liquids but will provide the reporting required to count these efforts toward LEED® point gains.
  • At project close-out, we provide all SWPPP documentation, filings, notifications, Inspection Reports and photo-documentation on CD.